Fairybell 600 cm Sectional Alu Pole - BlackFairybell 600 cm Sectional Alu Pole - Black

Fairybell 600CM Sectional Alu Pole - Black

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This flagpole is a sectional pole. With this pole you easily create a perfect spot for your Fairybell® flagpole Christmas tree, if you don't have a flagpole yourself. The sectional flagpole from Fairybell® comes with everything you need, to hoist your Fairybell® 600CM Christmas tree or a normal flag up to the top. You can leave the sectional flagpole all year round outside. Because of the sectional part it's easy to store the flagpole during the spring and summer season and built it up in the winter to prepare for a wonderful Christmas season again!
Do you want to quickly and easily bring your garden into a Christmas atmosphere? Then the fairy lights from Fairybell® are really something for you! This 600CM high Christmas lighting in the shape of a Christmas tree is equipped with 1200 LED lights and is resistant to almost all-weather conditions. If you would like a more sparkling or colorful effect, you can choose a Fairybell® with either the LED colour warm white with twinkle or multi-colour. In the twinkle variant, 10% of the 1200 LED lights flash occasionally, providing the desired sparkling effect. Setting up the Fairybell® is simple and takes no more than 30 minutes, because you can hoist up this Fairybell® just as easily as a flag in the flagpole. The light strands are connected to a special weather-resistant 31 Volt transformer that can easily be connected to the mains, possibly with a timer in between. After the Christmas period, you can easily store the Fairybell® in the original box, so that you will enjoy it for years to come.
Reasons to buy a Fairybell®:
Easy and quick to install
Low energy use
No tools needed
Safe low voltage
Designed and produced in Holland
3-year warranty
The ultimate Christmas feeling

What’s inside the box?
Fairybell® (without a flagpole)
Connection cable to connect the strings of lights to the transformer
31 Volt transformer
Ground pins
Orange distance belt
Height 600CM
Diameter 350CM
Number of LED's 1200
Lightcolour LED Warm white, with twinkle or multi colour
Incl flagpole No
Output 31V / 20W
Fairybell 600CM Sectional Alu Pole - Black